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Bathroom remodeling is a fun and challenging task that can take your standard bathroom and transform it into a room that is comfortable, and has your personal signature on it!  You can expect to recapture about 75 percent of the cost of a minor bathroom remodel. Here you will learn about successful measures to take during your home improvements to ensure that “personal” touch!

The best materials for use in the bathroom should be durable and easy to clean. It’s best to stay away from some materials, like carpet that doesn’t dry well and wallpaper that can stain easily. If you intend for a major renovation to stand the test of time, you should use only quality materials.

Anyone who has done a bathroom remodeling project will tell you, it's best  to do your homework. When you’re designing your bathroom, the most important consideration is where the major fixtures will be placed. The toilet, bathtub / shower and sink are essential, so you have to plan around them. The same goes for some of the more luxurious options available, like bidets and Jacuzzis. While you certainly don’t want to forget about aesthetics, the main concern when it comes to these major fixtures should be usability.
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How To Enlarge A Bathroom
If a small bathroom is a problem in your home it can be fixed by moving a wall or two. But this often requires hiring a contractor which can be expensive.