Room Additions
Room additions are complex construction projects. Building a room addition is more difficult than building a small home. All types of tasks must be part of the room addition plans and room addition cost is affected by these and many other considerations. 

They can be plain and simple or extremely complex. I have
built small room additions - less than 75 square feet and I've
built ones that came close to 2,400 square feet. I'm sure you
have seen a variety of room additions yourself. Constructing a room addition is really the same thing as building a small house. The only problem is that it is much harder. The connection details are tough. Working around people and finished surfaces requires extra care. Dust and utility (electric - plumbing) interruptions must be kept to a minimum. There are many things you have to consider with room additions that never are an issue when you build a new home from scratch. 

Get The Right Height

One of the most importamt aspects of room additions is making sure the elevation of the floors are the same. I've seen many addition projects where the floors did not line up. There is a hump or a dip. The mistake can usually be traced to a failure of not calculating the foundation height from the point where the "break-through" or "connection" will be. All too often, the contractor will calculate the floor height at a corner or some other obscure point. 

The trick is to cut a hole through the side of the existing house exactly where the archway or doorway will be that connects the two rooms. Cut a hole and remove all the exterior wall materials until you can actually see the subfloor or finished floor material inside the house. From here you can then calculate where your top of foundation will be. I always draw a picture and back calculate down to the top of the new foundation. 

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