There are reported to be some 30,000,000 wood decks in the United States, and the number increases with every new subdivision. Despite the ongoing use of some naturally durable species of wood and the emergence of several types of artificial wood, the overwhelmingly chosen material for decks is pressure-treated wood.

Longevity.  Preserved wood resists damage from termites and fungal decay for decades; some producers offer warranties that extend for the life of the purchaser.

Treated wood, sold in nearly every lumber outlet in North America, is favored for a variety of reasons: it has a natural appearance, its resistance to termites and rot is well established, wood is a plentiful and renewable resource, and treated wood is usually the most economical choice. 

More than 80% of all U.S. decks are built entirely or partially with preserved wood, according to national surveys. Even when redwood or composite decking is used for the deck platform, preserved wood is usually used for posts, beams, and joists because of its structural strength and ability to withstand deterioration in ground contact
Outdoor decks are great! They are often used to entertain family and friends, there also good for your own rest and relaxation. Many decks are built around a hot tubs or a pool. A perfectly laid out deck is essential for entertaining guests and bringing the family together on a sunny afternoon. Outdoor decks and patios can be designed in array of different styles and sizes. Whether you want a double tiered deck or built in benches on your deck. Our professionals can help you design your own style. Professionals can help you with deck design, deck construction, deck repair and custom decks. Professional deck contractors will also provide estimates for free. Some things to be concerned with when getting involved with your outdoor renovations: Assessing your site, making your budget. The contractor will be concerned with preparing the site, footing locations, digging the footing and piers, setting beam height, framing the deck, railing post attachment, decking material installation, building stairs and much more. Outdoor deck projects are extremely time-consuming that’s why most people will hire a professional to do all the dirty work which makes it so quick and easy for the homeowner to achieve their custom outdoor decks designs. Having a professional do your deck construction will save costs and your end results will be a beautifully laid out deck ready for good conversations and relaxation. 
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