If a small bathroom is a problem in your home it can be enlarged by moving a wall or two. But this often requires hiring a contractor which can be expensive. It also takes away space in another room. There are several decorating tips that can make your bathroom visually larger, which take a lot less time and money than it would to remodel.

Different types of lighting have different effects on a room. A great choice of lighting for a small bathroom is recessed lighting. This type of lighting is subtle. It also does not take up space on countertops or walls.
A standard vanity with a sink and cabinet may seem like the most practical choice. But when it comes to saving floorspace, wall mounted and pedestal sinks are a better option.
Mirrors are capable of instantly doubling space to the mind's eye. You can choose to install a large mirror over your sink or assemble an arrangement of smaller mirrors.
•Neutral and soft pastels
To create a an illusion of space use soft pastel colors, such as blues and yellows, or choose a neutral wall color. Add color by using towels and other accessories that are brightly colored.
•Protruding objects
Anything that sticks off the wall, such as hanging racks and shelves, disrupts the space and makes it appear even smaller.
•Showing the shower
Use clear glass doors or install a shower curtain that can be left open. Seeing into the shower makes the room appear that much larger.
•Add a window
A real window works best, but you can also use a framed picture that looks like a window and features an outdoor scene.
•Raise the ceiling
Installing crown molding makes the ceiling in your bathroom appear higher, which makes the room appear larger.

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