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by Mike F on 03/19/11

If you have remodeling tips or ideas feel free to share them here. If you have a question, post it and anyone can answer it.

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1. Bill said on 3/19/11 - 11:30AM
I just had a custom tile shower installed looks great should i have the grout sealed, it's quite costly to have the contractor do this how hard is it to do if i wanted to tackle it
2. Mike said on 3/20/11 - 10:12AM
Good ? I recommend it. Grout is a porous substance. Eventually dirt, grime and even mold will get into the pores. the deeper it gets the harder it will be to clean. So, you need to get one step ahead of the moisture, and penetrate the grout with sealer. I will tell you right away that grout sealer is not fun to apply. It is laborious, and the immediate results are not visible--never my idea of a great home remodeling task. But it must be done.The easiest method is the spray on type. Most of these are not perminant so they must be reapplied every so often. The other type is mere tedious because you have to do each line individually with an applicator or small brush. Either way if you have the time anyone can do it.

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