How To Cut Crown Molding

Crown molding is the trickiest type to cut and install, It doesn't get cut like other types of molding. When you cut baseboard molding it is usually placed on the saw standing up, just the way it is installed. Door and window casing is placed on the saw and cut with the wood lying flat, back side down. Crown molding, however, is a different story altogether. In order to properly cut crown molding, the molding needs to be seated on the miter saw table the exact same way it’s going to be installed on the wall/ceiling. This means that the top part of the molding will rest against the miter saw table’s fence and the foot of the molding will rest on the table’s base. The backside should not be touching anything.

Make a few practice cuts and fit the pieces together to see how this joint will look. Set your miter saw to a 45 degree angle and make a test cut. Look at the crown molding and how the cut is made. The bottom of the molding will be longer than the top. This is essential because the bottom part of the crown molding goes on the wall and has a longer distance to cover than the top which is away from the wall.

By following these easy tips, it won’t be long before you’re cutting crown molding like a pro!

Croun Moulding
An alternative method is to use corner blocks. A decorative corner block is installed in the corner. The crown molding is cut straight and butted into the corner block. This method is much faster and easier while still giving a great look to your room.